Bouquets of the week

My thanks to everyone who gave me such a brilliant Christmas – presents galore that had to be spread over two days and many welcome visitors.
The lead up was rather hectic: the simple Sunday brunch grew somewhat to nearly 30 with some coming as far as from Cardiff, Eastbourne, London and Plymouth. Huge thanks to all of them for helping get the festivities off to a great start – and particularly to brother Martin who used his naval catering management skills when taking over the kitchen and delivering outstanding food for all of us.
Monday was a bit quieter and, between visitors, Mummy and I managed to create mini-lemon drizzle cakes – a real achievement using gluten-free flour to give her some of the first cakes she has had for years.

On Tuesday, Sue phoned to announce she had found me a replacement Christmas tree: a former display 9 foot tree with it’s lighting in place with 80% discount – I just couldn’t resist the bargain! When she arrived, the bubble-wrapped pieces were packed on her backseat as a line up of ghostly headless bodies. They spent the night on the atrium floor: like a version of the film Cocoon.

Disability Candy Cane Art

Disability Candy Cane Art

So On Christmas Eve, gallant heroes Roger and Rodney exhumed the pieces, connected the cables and turned on the electricity to bring tree three to life. Now it stands resplendent and reflecting in all the glass.
It has been a wonderful holiday for which I thank all those friends and family members for their generosity, time and care. I wish you all a fabulous New Year.

Yours gratefully,

Penny Melville-Brown

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