Disabled people searching for work support.

Did you know? •BBC broadcast shows that disabled people can be keen to work but don’t know where to find help. •Give others a Christmas gift of our free disability etiquette guide.

We were all smugly ready for Christmas: birthday celebrations, team Christmas lunch, all cards and parcels posted, final working days neatly allocated. Then the BBC re-broadcast a “Saints and Scroungers” programme (on the BBC i-player where the programme will be available for 30 days) featuring one of our Work for Yourself clients (saint: overcoming complex disability to become self-employed).
Since then we have spent most of the last two days responding to all the phone calls, e-mails and Facebook enquiries. The most prevalent themes were that people with long-term health conditions/disabilities from across the UK want to work but just don’t know where to get the support or information they need. It is heartbreaking after talking through someone’s complex problems, their hopes and aspirations and just not being able to help them.
We can at least offer a range of ideas – hopefully tailored to each person – to move them on to the next step. But I suspect that many feel as if we are playing “pass the parcel” with them. It seems like a test of whether their stamina or the repeated re-referrals will break first.
And the situation doesn’t seem likely to improve when so many people are no longer claiming benefits and are completely out of touch with most of the employment support mechanisms. We need a better way of doing this – something like our Help to Work directory

Free for Christmas. Why not download and share our  Disability Etiquette guide: practical, short and straightforward.

Bouquet of the week.
Here’s a duo of happy faces from Christmas celebrations before the broadcast – dedicated to Karen J who has been under the weather and couldn’t join us.

Penny Melville-Brown

Disability Dynamics ltd www.disabilitydynamics.co.uk

Helping disabled people to work since 2000

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