Christmas cheer

What do you think?

  • Of my (nearly) singing advent calendar?
  • Of all our Christmas cakes?
  • Of all our hampers?

For years I have collected all the singing birthday and Christmas cards I have been sent.  Loads of them are from my mother so I am in the process of creating an advent calendar that will sing all those different tunes when each door is open.  My thanks to Lorna for sorting out all the battery replacements and to Anne for wielding the glue gun and spray cans to transform rather a dull house in to something more akin to a gingerbread folly.  Now I just need to insert the rest of the singing pieces.

Karen has been my stalwart sous chef throughout the year as we created marmalades, tomato chilli jam, coronation chutney, damson chilli jam, crystallised orange and damson gin – and not to forget over 50 small Christmas cakes with handmade decorations!  Now they are all packed in to gift hampers.

Christmas will be quieter – I reckon that I’ve only ever spent just over five without Mummy so it will be strange not to be opening our stockings together and squabbling over the roast potatoes.  But it will be good to have a quiet day cherishing all those happy memories – and her favourite Christmas tree is up in the atrium and being reflected throughout the house.  She’s very much here.

Penny Melville-Brown

Disability Dynamics ltd

Helping disabled people to work since 2000

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