The Great Escape

At Moorfields eye hospital yesterday having utterly disgusting surgery on my eye – not going to do anything for my sight but might make it more comfortable in the future: a conjunctival flap so it will all look a bit grey and opaque for at least a while.

But the real nightmare was the prospect of having to stay in the hospital overnight.  Thank goodness for my wonderful niece Emily who took time out from her stage management course at RADA to rescue me.  She was wonderfully patient as I got more and more irascible and impatient to get out!  And I was really disappointed that she hadn’t brought a parrot to go with my great eye patch.

We managed to flee at about 2000 for a taxi together to waterloo and then all the station staff and my home taxi driver looked after me every step of the way.  Good to be in my own bed at last by nearly midnight and today the girls here have been ministering, sorting out all the drugs and putting up with my brain that is shot to hell with the remnants of the sedation.  So I’ve awarded myself the day off!

Will be back to normal service tomorrow and, definitely, next week.


Penny Melville-Brown OBE

Disability Dynamics ltd

Helping disabled people to work since 2000moorfields-escape

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