Website accessibility

What do you think:

  • Website designers taking account of adaptive technology?
  • Which screen-magnifiers, screen-readers and voice recognition solutions are most used?
  • What about all the others who use adaptive IT?

You can cast an eye, screen-magnifier or reader over the results of a recent survey of the sorts of adaptive information technology used to access the website at:

Useful in parts although only just over 700 responses were gathered over six weeks from users of the Government’s main website – perhaps other users of adaptive IT (like me) have found websites so difficult over the years that we really don’t try them anymore.  There’s probably a good case for giving more visibility (excuse the pun) to all the developments in web design in more recent times.

Meanwhile, this data is likely to influence how Government websites are tested and further improved – so other designers might care to follow suit.

And the problem with pdf documents got another airing – no-one should be using this format unless the original document was properly designed for accessibility.

Don’t forget: any organisation that provides services to the public (whether a private business, public body or voluntary or community sector organisation) has the legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to make information and communications accessible to everyone.  And “reasonable” is usually going to mean that the larger the organisation, the bigger the effort they need to make.

Penny Melville-Brown OBE

Disability Dynamics ltd

Helping disabled people to work since 2000

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