Hospital appointments aren’t that easy!

As for today: quite a lot of drama. Awake at 0400 to make sure I heard the alarm at 0600 and then off to catch the train – with the traffic so bad that it took nearly an hour to do 12 miles! Train was utterly freezing as the heating computer had broken (oh for the days when it was just a lever that the passengers could operate) and felt like an ice block after three hours following delays due to a fatality on the line ahead. Not much help on board but, thankfully, a fellow passenger rang through to the hospital to explain the situation – I had visions of them refusing me the appointment because I was so late. Arrived at last and got through the first appointment, grabbed lunch, second appointment and then ages to get hold of a porter to guide me out to a taxi. Again, traffic so bad in London that it took much longer to reach Waterloo where chaos ensued with all the trains via Woking/Basingstoke cancelled. Managed to get helped on to train to Havant and then on to Fareham where, despite phonecalls, no station staff ready to guide me off the platform. The train couldn’t move until help was available – in the form of a woman naval Petty Officer who risked her own train to help me over the bridge. Station staff lurking at the barriers pretending that they don’t do passenger assistance. Finally home after about 10 hours out – and the first chance to get to the loo – one of the real consequences of not being able to se

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