Do you have problems with the information you get from your GP, hospital consultant, nurse or others in the NHS?

Please do take part in the current NHS survey for patients, carers and parents about how well (or not) they are doing in providing information in the way you need it. For example, some people are happy with written information but may need it in larger print, written in simpler English, on coloured paper etc. Others may need information in other formats such as e-mails that work with screen magnification or screen readers, in Braille and more.

Is the Standard working for you?

Has telling your GP the format you need meant that all parts of the NHS then also meet your needs?

Or are you having to tell every part of the NHS how to comply with the Standard?

You can probably tell that it is making me hugely cross that the Standard seems to have been brought in but without the management and systems to make it work.

The survey is at:

This is also available in a range of other formats including as a Word document, in audio and in Braille.

If you would like a copy of the survey posting to you as a hard copy or in an alternative format please contact

The survey closes on 10 March 2017.

Best wishes


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