Is there equality online? Definitely not!

Man surrounded by confusing devicesWhy are businesses, government and more excluding so many people from the online services and information that everyone else takes for granted?

The Good Things Foundation ( says:

  • 25% of disabled adults have never used the internet, compared to 10.2% of the entire UK population
  • Disabled adults make up 50% of the 0.9 million lapsed internet users (those who last used the internet over 3 months ago).
  • Disabled people are significantly less likely than non-disabled people to have internet access (65% compared to 88%).

About one fifth of the UK population have long-term health conditions and disabilities – that’s nearly 12 million people.  But web designers, IT consultants and, probably most important, the people who pay them just don’t bother enough to make the internet accessible to everyone.  Some of them probably lack the skills and knowledge but too many are prepared to take the risk: they aren’t bothered about losing customers or side-lining people who can’t use the web.  And, after years of complaining, that doesn’t seem to make any difference either.

We need the Government, the courts, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, all those Ombudsmen and other organisations responsible for service standards to take notice, apply the law and give us all an even chance.


Penny Melville-Brown OBE

Disability Dynamics ltd

Helping disabled people to work since 2000

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