Over 20 years later …

Lynn and Penny ready to cookCelebrations of the hundred years since the Women’s Royal naval Service   started brought Lyn and I back in touch.  We last served together in the 1990s in Portsmouth Naval Base for Flag Office Surface Flotillas.   There were rather more Royal navy ships then than nowadays.

Finished pavlova with nectarine toppingLike me, Lyn is a war pensioner   although serving in the Navy had different consequences for our health.  After an injury while training with the Royal Marines, she still went on to achieve a career of 24 years, then worked with various military charities and now the WRNS 100 celebrations.  We had lots of memories to share while whipping up a lemon curd Pavlova.

This easy recipe uses just three eggs – and means that you don’t have left-over yolks from making the meringue.  Make sure that the eggs are at room temperature – so, if they are in the fridge, take out at least the night before.  Mixing yoghurt with the cream helps cut through the sweetness and, with the fruit, makes you feel slightly more virtuous!A portion of the served pavlova

Penny Melville-Brown OBE

Disability Dynamics ltd www.disabilitydynamics.co.uk

Helping disabled people to work since 2000

Watch me make them on You Tube

Download the recipe from http://www.bakingblind.com/lemon%20curd%20pavlova.htm


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