Catch up with the Women’s Royal Naval Service centenary.

a plate of two cooked chicken thighs and the colourful baked vegetables.Cooking a chicken tray bake rather faded in to the background as Lyn spent most of our time together in the kitchen telling me about all the celebrations planned – and her own favourite Navy stories.

It was clear that she’d particularly enjoyed her time with the Royal Marines – and I suspect that her tale of being a rescued “casualty” isn’t her only fond memory.  She didn’t hold back on Royal name-dropping either: her nearly private audience with the late Queen Mother.  It just proves that life in the military   is rarely boring, usually fun and good for reminiscences years later.

Imagine when all those former Wrens get together at the teas, lunches, ceremonies and parties throughout this year – every single one of them has memories to share with pride, perhaps a tear but more often a laugh.   They are going to have wonderful times.A tray of baby sweetcorn, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, courgettes and carrot ready for chopping and cooking.

You can watch us make them on You Tube or download the recipe from 

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