UK’s Baking Blind is a world-wide winner!

Good afternoon,

I’m thrilled that the UK is represented as I am now one of the three world-wide winners of the Holman prize in this international competition for blind people – selected from over 200 candidates from 27 countries.

You may have seen my original 90 second video explaining what I want to do: showing that blindness, like any other disability, needn’t be a bar to ambition, at work and in life. And now I’m going to do it, using cooking as the universal connector with professionals and home-cooks, sighted or not, across six continents!

All those people and their stories will bring the whole project alive.

After final planning this summer, I’ll be in Costa Rica, America, China, Australia and Malawi and still have a further programme of activities when I get back to the UK. It is all going to create 12 months of videos, blogs and more aiming to reach an international audience with a different perspective on blindness and disability.

There’s more information in the attached press release created by San Francisco’s Lighthouse organisation that is funding and running the prize. There’s also due to be an article in today’s Washington Post.

You can keep track of what I’m doing through and see my latest video about the prize.

Please wish me Bon Voyage and Bon appétit (pity not to have got to France too!)

Best wishes


Tel: +44 (0)1329 841814

170629 penny melville brown blind baker press release.docx

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