Blind leading the blind in the Kitchen.

Nearly bloody Jam – not enough for a massacre but it could have been messy!  I had a new blind-leading-the-blind experience cooking alongside Madeline who also has limited sight but, together, we made her jam recipe.  It is especially simple as it doesn’t rely on checking temperatures.

Like me, she prefers using short knives in the kitchen because it is easier for us to feel what we are chopping.  And, of course, because I was showing off, I immediately nicked a finger.  Luckily for us, videographer toby spotted the blood and we could save the rest of the rhubarb.  The other piece of essential equipment is an always-to-hand dispenser of sticking plaster!

If you’ve not heard two people chatting about how they find life with blindness, this  is one to watch.

Following her success working within the NHS, Madeline is just about to launch her new business (, specialising in gathering the real human stories that bring drier academic research to life.  She has a talent for “Discovery” interviews that have mainly been used in the retail trade but are going to be equally influential for many of the public services that we all use and need.  And, using her experience having a guide dog, she’s spent her spare time developing a unique dog-walker’s bag that should appeal to anyone with a hound: from the lovable pet to the working dogs of the police and others.

Penny Melville-Brown OBE

Disability Dynamics ltd

Helping disabled people to work since 2000

You Tube

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