Lokum is Arabic for Turkish Delight

Two cooks in the garden testing the Turkish delightIraqi-born bio-chemist Nuha shared her memories of the Baghdad shops selling family versions of Turkish Delight from recipes handed down over generations.  A piece of “lokum” is traditional each morning with the strong and bitter cardamom-flavoured Turkish coffee so that large quantities are needed – most people buy by the kilogram from their favourite shop.  She remembered shopping in a fog of white icing sugar and cornflour drifting up from the sweetmeats.  This is a great alternative to the usual after dinner mints and you can watch us make them on YouTube

Checking the temperature of the sugar syrupAlthough I’ve known Nuha for years from our flower arranging evenings, I hadn’t realised that she’d spent 12 years working in the pathology department of the former Royal Naval Hospital Haslar at Gosport.  I was in and out of there for years while they tried to treat my deteriorating eyesight.  Everyone in the local community and military people from the Navy, Army and Air Force all loved the hospital with its mix of 19th century buildings and modern extensions.   But, of course, money counts more than tradition and sentimentality – medical treatment for the military is now splattered across the country and the hospital is doubtless being turned in to apartments for the well-heeled.

Penny Melville-Brown OBE

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