Filleting fish blind-fold.

Definitely not the easiest or quickest kitchen process for anyone who doesn’t see well.  But not impossible: John took me through it step-by-step and double-checked the end product.Penny using a short knife to remove the head of the whole plaice.

I just about managed a decent job with a plaice and, after that, the mousse filling and creamy wine sauce were dead simple.

We have a “Growers’ Market” in Fareham the first Saturday of each month where I can buy excellent pork, eggs, game and, recently, fresh fish.  The huge plaice came from Viviers Portsmouth Fish Market ( –they have a great selection of locally caught fish, seafood, crabs and lobsters (02392 753621.)  I made spaghetti vongole with a bag of their clams.

Penny continues with the fiddly filleting while John just looks in to the camera.Two cooks with a food processor of pale pink mix.

My tips for filleting fish are:

  • Buy the largest fish you can because the bones will be bigger and easier to feel.  And worth asking the fishmonger to clean it by removing the digestive tract etc.
  • Use two very sharp knives: one short one for most of the filleting and a longer one to complete the skinning.
  • Have some sticking plasters handy!

It was good to have John back in the kitchen on a very rainy day – apparently bronzed from his holiday and our five day hot summer.  He was full of tales from Benidorm and his plans for an Easter cruise next year.John and Penny sitting at the table in the conservatory ready to taste their  plates of fish.

Penny Melville-Brown OBE

Disability Dynamics ltd

Helping disabled people to work since 2000

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