Taste of the East with sweet and sour chicken.

You can watch me make this on YouTube or download the recipes here

John is used to making this straightforward sweet and sour sauce in 3 gallon vats so he scaled the whole recipe down.Penny and John ready to cook

Although this dish may not be very traditional, it is simple to make at home.

Hot rice must be treated with respect.  If you want to use later for this dish or perhaps a cold rice salad, it needs to be cooled very quickly to make it safe.  Just leaving a pan full of cooling rice is too risky.  If not cooling under cold water, spread as thinly as possible on a tray and place in the fridge immediately.

For the sauce, make it thicker than you think necessary – it will become thinner when the chicken and its juices are added.

Tasting is essential for this recipe: the balance of sweetness from the sugar needs to be balanced to your taste with the sharp sour vinegar.  Keep adjusting until it is right, adding salt and pepper too.

This seemed like a lot of sugar to me – perhaps an alternative sweetener could make the whole dish rather more virtuous?

You could add some five spice powder to the egg-fried rice and slithers of fresh root ginger to the sauce.

The spring onion garnish was fairly simple: trim to cut off the roots and about half of the leaves.  Slice the onion from about an inch from its base to the tops of the leaves once on each side (dividing this section in to four).  Place in a bowl of water with ice and the onions will curl where they have been cut.


Penny Melville-Brown OBE

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