Massive summer party

Nearly 70 Baking Blind co-cooks, family and friends were at my all-time-record biggest party this summer.  Lots of people brought wonderful salads and marvellous puddings to take a bit of the strain and Martin, my favourite pork butcher brought an outstanding hog roast.

Top billing went to the “Gentle Jazz” band of volunteers who play for charity: we managed to contribute over £630 to their “Macmillan Cancer Support”.  Most moving of all was the special song that their leader, Gerray, had written for me.  I had no idea that song sheets had been covertly distributed so that everyone could join in – and there were many sniffles and wet eyes as a result.  Many of us danced under the apple trees, shared a bottle or more and generally had a memorable day under sunny skies.

It was my chance to thank so many people who has supported me and contributed to Baking Blind and winning the Holman prize.  And very special thanks go to brother Martin and friend Alan for managing the logistics plus key supporters Lorna, Karen, Jane and Peter for ensuring that all preparation was on track plus Sam and Hannah for great service on the day.  All I needed to do was waft around and chat with this outstanding group of friends – and it was a rare occasion to have all four of my brothers here together.

If you want a very special band for an event, contact: Gerray Thomas


You can support the Holman adventure too:

Best wishes




One thought on “Massive summer party

  1. Looks spectacular and I definitely wish I was there!

    Still on the job here trying to find cooks for your time here. Got another no from one of the best yesterday – too busy but a maybe from another….we keep on keeping on.

    Take care


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