Feast from fridge ferreting.

Watch me make them on YouTube or download the recipes from my website.Undulating oval clear glass plate with the colourful tangle of noodle salad, the fish fillet with its crispy skin, the cooked fishcake and broth.

Chef Mike creates magic with the simplest of ingredients transformed with a squeeze of lime and a dash of Asian flavour.

How often have I ferreted through the fridge to make something quick, more interesting than scrambled eggs and that doesn’t need all sorts of exotic ingredients?

This Asian-inspired noodle dish does it all and can be whipped together in the Boxes of the sliced and prepared broth ingredients ready on the worktop.seconds it takes the rice noodles to soften.      Capture that last carrot, a couple of sugar snaps, the left-over piece of red pepper or any other vegetables lurking around with some store-cupboard staples and lunch is served!

And this simple salad has enough character to stand up in the supporting role when combined with sea bass to make a starring dinner party dish.  Definitely worth adding this to your classics and ringing the changes with different seasonal vegetables. A frying pan with a little oil on the base is heating on the hot plate with the fish ready to be cooked.


You can support the Holman adventure too: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/penny-melville-brown

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