Falafels from the Pharaohs.

You can watch me make them on YouTube or download the recipe from www.bakingblind.com

Ideal party food with the tahini dip or a vegetarian lunch.

Penny watching Nuha’s demonstration of folding the softened Arabic bread around the falafels and colourful salad.A dish made for the Pharaohs as chickpeas and broad beans were grown on the fertile Nile delta – and the dried pulses could be used during winter when other food was scarce.    Christian Copts in Egypt eat falafels during Lent when they don’t eat meat for 6 weeks – the pulses provide their protein.

Falafel spice is a combination of coriander, all spice, cumin, caraway, crushed red Penny watching Nuha’s demonstration of folding the softened Arabic bread around the falafels and colourful salad.chilli and cloves so it can be made at home with a spice grinder.

If using dried chick peas, use half the weight and soak overnight before simmering in fresh water for about 20 minutes.

Frozen broad beans can be used – just par-cook in accordance with the instructions before cooling quickly in cold water and then shelling.

Can use different flavours in falafels e.g. add spinach, replace chick peas with sweet potatoes.

Once cooked, falafels can be re-heated later or frozen.  Allow to defrost and then place on oiled baking tray and re-heat in a hot oven for 5 minutes each side.

Arab bread uses Lebanese flour and is more like a pancake than pitta and can be frozen soon after buying.  One source is: www.hollylandbakery.com Phone: 0208 8087111.


+44 (0)1329 841814

About 15 yellow falafels  each flecked with the green parsley set out on the plate so that they don’t stick together. A Finely shredded lettuce with thinly sliced cucumber and tomato plus slices of radish ready to add to the wraps. Our two cooks sitting in the conservatory enjoying their first tastes of the finished wraps – making the parcels means that they are easier to eat.





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