Baking Blind Going global.

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I’ve packed everything I need for these future weeks gadding around the globe: enough clothes to last between wash opportunities, my basic cooking gear, all the talking electronics I need for day-to-day living.  Thank goodness I’ve got a new suitcase that runs beautifully on lots of wheels.

Getting all the travel, accommodation, visas, insurance, inoculations, money and more organised for a tour across six continents has been just as complicated – especially as the detailed plans keep changing.  But I’m just about there and now have the chance to really relish all the excitement of the journeys.

I’ll be relying on passenger assistance to waft me through all the airports so it is going to be fascinating to find out how they all respond.  When I’ve flown before in some countries, they seem to assume that assistance means I need a wheelchair.  Absolutely the last thing after being on a plane for hours but useful to put the hand-luggage in.

I’ll be travelling alone to San Francisco which is no problem (I’ve done Australia, South Africa and Thailand solo in the past).  Videographer Toby will be catching up with me in America about a week later and then we can tackle the rest of this tour together.  We’ve tried to plan as much as possible but I’m sure that the best laid plans …So we will have to be flexible and just muddle through.   There are some really wonderful chefs and home-cooks volunteering to teach me their recipes in America (San Francisco and Virginia Beach), Costa Rica (Tamarindo and San Jose), hopefully Chongqing in China, Australia (Kiama, Melbourne and Perth) plus Lilongwe in Malawi.  I’m already planning more cooking when I’m back home and in Europe next year so there’s lots more to look forward to.  I’ll put all the recipes on the website

You can keep track of our progress through the Baking Blind YouTube channel (insert link), the blogs and social media.  Do drop me an e-mail to



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