Family life with a disabled child simply adjusts and carries on.

Many Mums (and Dads) are pulled in all directions: holding down busy jobs, managing their home lives and bringing up their children.  Kelly in Virginia beach (USA) is juggling even harder than most as she has to make extra adjustments for her son’s autism.  But she still generously gave up some of her precious spare time to show me how to make simple but superb Asian-style lettuce cups ( with Oriental green beans and rice.

When we met, Kelly was a key member of the sales team at a busy local supermarket:  a friendly and familiar help to all the shoppers with specialist expertise of wines and more.  Now she has moved to on-line shopping which gives her even more knowledge of the enormous range of brands and products although she misses her old customers.

Like many busy Mums, she has a great stock of family favourite recipes that are quick and easy to put together after a long day at work.    But, as Kelly explained to me, she needs to take account of her son’s reactions to certain foods.  In his case, anything too crunchy is difficult whereas some others with autism don’t like certain colours or want to separate the food on their plates.   It sounded as if the local support and education system were giving him excellent support to gain all the social and life skills that he doesn’t learn naturally.  He is improving in handling money, talking and observing.  Kelly was just delighted that he can tell her what he has been doing during the day – and he is clearly excited by being able to share his experiences.    It just shows that the right support is making life-changing improvements for the whole family.

Do try this recipe – my original caution about the lettuce cups was completely mistaken: they were wonderful.

Next time, Kelly’s banana bread …


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