Famous chocolate cake comes to Baking Blind

Famous chocolate cake comes to Baking Blind: Jo and her cake are so renowned that they appear on the cover of the telephone book!  She was festooned with all her Country Women’s Association badges and awards when we cooked it together in Kiama, New South Wales, Australia https://youtu.be/6gjS2qauKQY

She is a very special baker: hugely knowledgeable, practical and great fun.  And, like any cook, generous in sharing her recipes too.  This cake is very straightforward to make: melt most of the ingredients together and then mix in the eggs and flour.  The result is incredibly liquid: more like a sauce than a familiar cake mix.    Pouring it in to the baking tin was even trickier for me without sight but we managed it.

Jo’s tip for an award-winning cake is to turn it out on to a cooling rack covered with a tea cloth.  This keeps the top flat and smooth, rather than trellised by the rack.  Just that extra care that separates the home cooks like me from the prize-winners like her.  No wonder she’s running a successful cake business.

The result is a cake that can be dressed up as much as you like: Jo’s cover cake was sandwiched around chocolate ganache and decorated with a chocolate flower.  She also uses this mix to make cup cakes and “cake pops” (rounds of cake impaled on a lolly stick, covered in more chocolate and dipped in sprinkles).

Its testimony to her skill and achievements that every home across the area has a picture of her and her cake on their telephone book.

Next time, meet professional blind chef, Martin, in Sydney.


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