Ravioli masterclass

Gastronomic expert, Charlene www.charlenetrist.com, not only showed me how to make pumpkin and smoked egg ravioli but had worked out how to make every step accessible for a blind person https://youtu.be/M_pvfHgJB3w.

In her Melbourne home-kitchen, she whizzed increasingly thin sheets of pasta through a classic pasta mini-mangle machine while I plugged on with my hand-rolling method.  She achieved uniform perfection while my distinctly uneven efforts had that hand-crafted  authenticity .

But rolling was the easy bit: piping mashed pumpkin around a pastry cutter was a major challenge but even that paled with the prospect  of separating an egg and placing the delicate raw yolk inside the cutter ring.  Then I had to gently lift the ring without breaking the yolk.  This was a masterclass of using touch in the kitchen.  The final stage was to cover the filling with another piece of the pasta dough and press out all the air, keeping that pesky yolk intact and without  squeezing out the pumpkin mash.  I just about managed one ravilolo without disaster but it took a very long time.  I’d probably only attempt this dish for an intimate supper for two – struggling to make more than six of the ravioli  at a time would be too much a labour of love.

And the final test when you can’t see is to eat it.  If cooked to perfection as by Charlene, those tricky egg yolks will still be runny and destined to spill.  So, that sophisticated intimate supper becomes rather more domestic when you wisely eat with a spoon wearing your apron.


But it was excellent to try the most complex and difficult type of ravioli – now any other version will be dead simple in comparison!  All thanks to Charlene’s patience and expertise.  Keep up with her gastronomic adventures through her social media: https://www.facebook.com/charlene.trist andhttps://www.instagram.com/onthetable_withcharlene/

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