Great balls break.

Just before bedtime, amidst the sound of pouring rain, there was a rumble and crash.    I wasn’t sure if something had simply fallen over in the wind or whether it was a burglar on the prowl.

My brave and trusty envoy ventured out – it was a dark and stormy night – and discovered my artistic pyramid installation of ten huge blue ceramic balls had come a cropper.  One had cracked and slipped, unbalancing the ball on top which had toppled and smashed.

I must have had this dramatic feature in the garden for nearly 30 years so it feels as if I have lost an old friend.  I bought the balls in a local garden centre: piling up four to make a small pyramid and despising the insipid result.  I wanted a stronger statement with more pizzazz!     Now I have to conjure up ways of using the remaining eight within a garden that has filled during the intervening decades – any bright ideas?




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