You don’t have to be blind …

I’m running a series of virtual live bake-ins with the help of Open Sight of Hampshire.  We’ll be making classic shortbread on 14 June (1030 London time) with millionaire and strawberry variations.

It’s all free and we use EventBright to keep us safe on-line.  Eventbrite link:

Each month, visually impaired people from across the UK and overseas have created delicious teatime treats with various levels of success.

One enthusiast’s ginger biscuits spread to about treble size – although using tracing rather than baking paper may not have helped. The World Baking Day pork pies were delicious but moulding the hot water pastry was like using playdough.  Not many had attempted bread before but our version using just self-raising flour, yoghurt and a little salt proved (pun) that anyone can make this loaf in 30 minutes.

Baking together relies on touch, smell, hearing and taste – you don’t have to be blind, but it helps!

Catch up with our bake-ins on the Open Sight YouTube channel:

Ginger biscuits:

Try replacing the ginger with coffee and walnuts.

Soda bread:

I’ve discovered wholemeal self-raising flour which works just as well.

Lemon Victoria sponge:

The variations are nearly endless – I’ve even used coriander and chilli instead of lemon!

Pork pies:

This is the basis of classic game pies and cooked vegetables also make a different filling.

There’s more over coming months and your recipe requests are much welcomed.


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