Laziness rather than a recipe.

Have you ever tried eating with your eyes shut?   The main problem is trying to cut up food that you can’t see: how big is the piece?  Is it completely detached?   Is it dripping with sauce?

Instead of all the messy confusion, as a blind cook, I tend to do all the chopping up while I’m cooking: meat; vegetables; anything else.   That way, I can just use a fork to find each mouthful with more chances of success.

But, again, cutting, chopping, peeling etc aren’t as straightforward when you can’t see.   Next week, we are doing a Masterclass of roast vegetables with all the right equipment to share tips and practical solutions: Monday 10 January at 1030 (London time).

You don’t need to be blind to take part so please sign up – no cost and there will be lots of time for sharing ideas:

Eventbrite link:

Register here for Roast Vegetables baking session 10th January 2022


OSH Website link:


Facebook link:


On a similar topic, roast potatoes that you could part-prepare were a whole new concept this Christmas but they worked perfectly.   I peeled enough for two days, tipped the chunks into cold salted water and brought them to a simmer for a couple of minutes.   Drained and tipped into foil trays, they just needed liberal anointment with goose fat or oil.   One tray went into a hot oven (200C, Gas 6) for 30-45 minutes, basting halfway.   The other tray was covered and popped in the fridge overnight.   Next day, they cooked even more quickly and were just as good.


Hope you can join us on Monday.



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