Champion community spirit

Start your New Year by celebrating someone who makes a difference to our local lives: the BBC Radio Solent  Community Heroes Awards

I’m honoured to have been asked to judge one of the awards (Inclusion) but also wanted lots of other local people to be featured too.  Who do you know who has given years of unsung community service; who has changed lives or attitudes; who makes the lives of others better and happier?

All of you would fit one of the categories or know someone who does – so please get nominations in.  It would be wonderful to see some familiar faces at the dinner please.

Here are the details of the awards and nomination process:

There are seven categories as follows:

Young Achiever – Awarded to anyone aged 18 or under, who has demonstrated maturity beyond their years.

Coastal – someone who gives their time, energy & passion into making our coastline a better place, whether by marine conservation, protecting the environment, education or saving lives.

Services – Presented to a member of the emergency services or the armed forces for commitment to their profession.

Carer – Someone who cares for an individual or group of people on a regular basis.

Good Neighbour – Awarded to an individual or organisation that helps make the neighbourhood & local community a better place to live or work, either on a regular basis or through a single act of kindness or courage.

Inclusion – an individual or group who strives to break down barriers, enforce positive messages, reach out to minority groups and bring people together.

Volunteer – Awarded to a person or group who gives up their time voluntarily to help others, perhaps contributing to local sporting life, helping at a local charity or good cause.


The BBC Radio Solent Outstanding Achievement Award – a winner from the above categories will be picked as our overall Hero.

Nomination Details:

  • Must be over 18 to nominate someone.
  • Must have the nominee’s permission to put them forward for an award.
  • The deadline for nominations is midnight on Sunday 1st March 2020.
  • The shortlisted candidates will be announced on Friday 13thMarch
  • The Awards Dinner will be on Monday 30thMarch 2020 at Carey’s Manor in Brockenhurst   – hosted in partnership with student chefs from Brockenhurst College.



Baking Blind and the Beeb.

Long 6 hour video shoot with Emily, Sam and Doug from the BBC social media team – for these few minutes of footage.

We were dicing with disasters with too much filling welding the tarts to their tins, an upside-down cake that didn’t want to show its face and, most extreme of all, Emily’s iced carrot cake that managed to combine 900 grams (nearly 2lb) of sugar with one of your five-a-day fruit and veg.  I’m not convinced that some of the token carrot could justify the sugar overload – delicious as it was!  I could virtually feel the diabetes rush on the way.

The Beeb is trialling a more informal approach to features using social media – so you will probably see more of the animated eggs than me cooking.  But it is fascinating to see how traditional media is changing as more people get their information and entertainment via social media: more fun, less polished and more immediate.


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