Invitation to Toby’s new exhibition

My nephew and Baking Blind videographer, Toby, is primarily a great artist and will be showing his latest series of pieces  in London this month.  We would be delighted if you could join him for his exhibition opening night on 21 November.

He said, “The artworks are all inspired by the golden age of science fiction. Sort of fictional fiction. Got it? Below I’ve attached one of the artworks as a little taster. The premise imagines what would happen if nature upped sticks and left. That pun can be interchanged with, what happens when the trees really leave.



Inspired by Baking Blind, China, Rotary Club and Lighthouse.

See Toby’s creative process  and hear his thanks for the truly inspirational trip to China that resulted in his excellent new artworks and the success of his inaugural exhibition.  The Holman prize has reached further than could have been imagined.    All thanks to the funding from the Chongqing Rotary Club and San Francisco’s Lighthouse organisation

See more of Toby’s work here.



Baking Blind China visit inspires Toby’s exhibition.

My nephew, Toby, is a key member of the Baking Blind team: he is the videographer who has captured all the thrills and spills of my cooking adventure over the last year.  He was intrepid in accompanying me throughout the world tour and, as himself a professional freelance architectural illustrator, was inspired by China .  I am thrilled that the Holman prize (funded by San Francisco’s Lighthouse organisation) has produced this extra outcome – and am very humbled that he has dedicated the exhibition to me.


The debut solo exhibition by


22/03/18 – 28/03/18

65 Decima St, London SE1 4QR



​​Transformative artworks observe the troubling changes to communities in Uk and China. 

The project was inspired by a recent trip to China and an active study on the economic upheaval of cities; Chongqing and Shanghai. On returning to the UK, Toby was reminded of more familiar forms of displacement; the young unable to buy property and artists turfed out of studios due to high rents.

The resulting work is an attempt to observe the changes in our communities. Asking what should change and what should remain? Touching on gentrification, migration and preservation. This is a look at our current state and an acknowledgment that society is always in flux, always In-between.

On the Launch Night (22/03/18), the subject of transformation will be brought to life by 8 brand new drawings. Intricately detailed artworks that change under specialist lighting. In the adjacent room, risograph printed posters, celebrating the event will be on sale, along with a live draw, free beers and specially composed acoustics.

The following Saturday (24/03/18), budding creatives, (ages 6 to 15), are invited to the In-between Invisible Ink Workshop. An event in partnership with Little Architect. The afternoon will begin with a short presentation from Toby and Little Architect, followed by a drawing activity, where attendees will then be invited to consider their own surroundings, what it is they enjoy and what they’d like to change. Finally there will be a chance to create a mural which uses invisible inks to convey the transitory nature of the city. Little Architect is an education and learning platform for teaching architecture and sustainability in London’s primary schools led by the Architectural Association School of Architecture.

Toby is most notable for his intricately imagined responses to our built environment. Subjects range from maps to architecture, contexts range from animation to wall murals. He’s been commissioned by Nike, Architectural Review, Imperial War Museum and The Crown Estate.

“Complex, exhilarating, challenging and troubling, local and transnational. Toby’s work‚ 

In-Between, observes shifting communities and their displacement in China and the UK, across time and space, class, gender and ethnicity. Where are the boundaries between them?”

Harriet Evans University of Westminster/LSE. Prof Evans is a leading voice on contemporary Chinese culture.

In-between is dedicated to Penny Melville-Brown.

In 2017, Penny became a Holman Prize finalist, awarded by LightHouse, enabling a world tour of her YouTube cooking show Baking Blind. Toby joined her as videographer and assistant. It was during their time in China that Toby was inspired to begin this project. As a blind veteran who helps those with disabilities get into work, championing a much marginalised community, Penny is someone Toby values greatly. Visit her Baking Blind YouTube channel here.

Details & links

Further info and press images: Call Laura 07875653402 or email

In-between promo video link 

Launch Night 22/03/18, 7-10pm RSVP link

Invisible Ink Workshop 24/03/18, 3:30-5pm RSVP link   Instagram-@tobymelvillebrown   Twitter-@toby_mel_brown   #inbetween

Great Minds think Different

What do you think:

  • Many of the greatest artists have had dyslexia.
  • Fabulous creativity is just one of the trademarks of dyslexia.
  • More people have some level of dyslexia than most of us realise.

Young people aged 18-35 are celebrating the achievements possible with dyslexia on 24 November near Southwark  Station in London.  Take time out to be amazed, amused and envious of their  music, business ideas, food and much more.  It is free and details are at:

Within my own family, there are lots of very creative and artistic people and a thread of dyslexia  too so we value both.

Penny Melville-Brown OBE

Disability Dynamics ltd

Helping disabled people to work since 2000